Best Blender Buying Guide : How To Choose The Best Blender For Your Kitchen

These days blender is essential for all home kitchens, it is an extraordinary kitchen appliance which makes numerous things, similar to shakes, smoothies, juices or mix anything.

In this blender buying guide article, we will discuses blender types and what is the things to look for before buying one.

Blender Types:

Essentially there are two kinds of blender accessible these are: counter top blenders click here to check out some of the best blender reviews, and on the other hand there are the handheld blenders or AKA immersion blenders and those blenders are little in size and do a specific kitchen tasks.

Counter Top Blender:

Right when kitchen counter space isn’t an issue than an counter top Blender is actually what you’re scanning for. These blenders feature a motor and a fan housed inside the machine’s base.

Various blender creators offer separate mixing attachments that you can add to the device, to give you more limits. Every incredible blender has an encasement made of glass, solidified steel, BPA plastic, or porcelain.

The compartment similarly fuses estimations which help incorporate the correct fixing parts, and a spread to seal everything when the mixing methodology begins.

With respect to edge blenders the wattage expands some place in the scope of 300 and 700 watts. Typically a blender with a 450-500 watt motor should be more than enough for normal home blending tasks.

Blender paces can run some place in the scope of 3-speeds to 16-speeds, while different speed settings can offer accurate results for a variety of blending recipes. the principal highlights of ledge blender are blending, making puree, liquefying, stirring and cleaving.

Handheld ( Immersion) Blender:

Handheld Blenders are wobbly and long with the objective for them to be viably submerged in a drink to blend milkshakes or smoothies. immersion blenders can be used or immersed in a container to puree cooked veggies for sauces or soups. 

Those blenders are useful to have around for smart, little businesses; they every now and again go with different mixing associations, anyway you shouldn’t foresee that a Handheld Blender should in all probability override an counter top blender.

The most important thing is that handheld blenders comes with 150 and 300 watts motor, yet 200 watts should accomplish every home task easily. These blenders are very easy to use and clean but the minus point is that these blenders perform only few tasks unlike the counter top models.

Keep In Mind These Tips While You Are Purchasing A Blender:


On the off chance that you are purchasing a blender dependably take consideration upon its capacity that implies what number of capacities your blender can do, such as slashing mixing and blending.

Highlights of blender containers:

In the event that you are hunting down close to home blenders that it for the most part have plastic containers. For best pour, choose a blender with a conspicuous bended pouring spout. Those with a level structure make pouring difficult and untidy.

Blenders with multifunctioning:

Certain models of blenders offer fundamentally more than the standard variety concerning work. While these are expensive, anyway they are very notable with a business level improvement that can cook soup, process sustenance’s, make juice and an immense number of various limits. These units can override a couple mechanical assemblies in a kitchen and are a valuable endeavour.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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